People Counting Systems


Real Time Counting Systems

for Stadiums, Museums, and other Public Venues

The 3 main elements in a counting system are:

  • The sensors
  • The controller
  • The software application

The Sensors:

The first thing we need for any Visitors Counting System, is an input for each entry or exit.
This input is generated by sensor or by turnstile.
The most practical and poplar options are:

Thermal sensor - technique

Overhead thermal sensor:

This is the best sensor: it is installed at he ceiling, it doesn’t blocking the entrance, it has wide range, and it is relatively accurate!

Moveable optic sensor

Optical counting sensors:

also called: “side sensors” are second to the best, but lower price.

The Controller:

  • Collect and store the entry pulses from the counting sensors.
  • Analyze the data, and calculate how many people entered, how may exist, and how many are inside- at any giving time.
  • Communicate with near by PC, using local LAN, or with remote PC, over the global Internet- by few types of communication methods.
Counting controller

People Counting Controller:

  • The controller has 4 inputs. Each input may be set (by the customer) to be either:
    • Enter
    • exit
    • A/B : bi directional, two sensors set.
  • The controller shows the counting result on it’s LCD display.
  • Optional: RS232 or TCP/IP connector, to be connected to local or remote PC.
  • Controlling: The controller has 4 outputs which can be used for many functions such as:
    • Turn on/off lights, at certain counting number
    • Activate “over capacity” buzzer or light
    • Close or open gates or turnstiles, when the site is full

The Software Application:

OTOT offers standard or custom software applications for people counting and turnstile monitoring systems.
The software can be installed in local computer, or remote computer.
Another option is using OTOT’s Internet server: in this way, the controller is linked to that server, and the customer receive a personal user account name and password. The customer can access his account from any PC, any time, any ware…

software contando

There are 2 main standard applications:

  • People counting for shops, malls, museums, etc.
  • People counting and monitoring for stadiums, events, etc.

All SW versions will display information in tables and by graphs.
All will analyze, create reports etc. All will show the amount of people entered the Venue, total and per each entrance, entry rate, permit printing of any report on the customer’s normal full page printer. All the versions can store history data, of each event or date, for future analyzing and reports.

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