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About OTOT Electronics LTD

OTOT Electronics Ltd, is a developer and manufacture of automatic ticketing systems, admission access control, turnstiles entry systems, people counting systems and smart card applications.


OTOT was founded in 1988 by Mr. Refael Caspi, the executive director and CEO to this very day.
Otot is a private listed company located in the high-tech park “kiryat Arie”, in Petach Tikva, Israel.

Otot operates in Israel as well as world-wide.

In the 21 year’s activity, the company has installed many hundreds of systems, including thousands of units, in the fields of access control, ticketing, etc., for its many local customers and around the world.

Our Vision:

At OTOT Electronics Ltd, we are proud to say that from the begining, the company is never stagnant:
We keep developing, improving, growing, and increasing the quality and diversity of the solutions we offer to our clients.

In addition, we believe in transparency, and uncompromising decency towards our clients, suppliers and personal.

All these issues produce excellent business results, along with an outstanding professional reputation, and most of all- maximal confidence of our clients, who knows that we will keep our commitment to them, and will always be there for them!

Fields of business:

  • Access Control and Ticketing: for admission to public venues like: stadiums, museums, tourist attractions, etc.
  • Turnstiles: tripods, full heights, etc.
  • Counting People: sensors, controllers and PC software
  • Smart Card payment Systems: using RFID pre-paid cards, toy be used a payment mean in venues of all types.

Customers: Venues, Sports and Events Customer’s Fields List:

  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Entertainment venues
  • Musical and other Public Events
  • Fairs and exhibition centers
  • Tourist attractions and resorts
  • Theme parks
  • Museums
  • Convention Centers
  • Swimming pools
  • Member’s Country Clubs
  • Water Parks
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Amusement Parks and Zoos
  • Car Parking
  • Public Transportation: bus, boat, etc.
  • Automatic fare collection systems
  • Etc.
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