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Stadium Ticketing

For sport arenas and other public venues

בקרת כניסה
OTOT’s Stadium Access System, is the most advance system for automatic ticketing access system.

The system implement e-ticketing of 4 types:

  • Barcode tickets (1D or 2D) for single entry
  • Smart RFID cards for full season fans, VIP and staff
  • “Print at Home” tickets
  • M-ticketing: mobile ticketing using spectator smart phone!

The system keeps track of each ticket, according to pre defined rules.
The system has many advantages and suits all size of stadiums and arenas – small medium or large!
It also used at convention centers, trade shows parks, open air event, attraction sites, etc.

How it works:
The system works in similar way to a human steward – the “ticket taker”:
First, the system Entry Validator reads the admission ticket or smart card, and verifies if it for today, for this site, this gate, etc:
The Validator also check ticket genuinely to eliminate frog tickets.
Next, the system verifies the tickets haven’t been used yet!
If all approved, the system release the entry turnstile, for entry of one person.
The system keeps track of each ticket, according to pre defined rules.

The 4 main parts of Stadium Access Ticketing System:

Part 1 – Tickets Printing and Selling

Part 2 – Access Validators

Part 3 – Access Software

Part 4 – Turnstiles

Part 1 – Ticket Printing and Selling

This may be done in few ways:

  • Print in Advance: in this way, the tickets are printed in bulks, some time before the event. Then, they are taken to all ticket booths, to be sold “as is” at the stadium, in city box offices, etc.
  • Real time POS sellingThis is more expensive way, since it requires that each POS will be computerized, with ticket printer.
  • Online selling, by the Internet: fans can buy ticket directly from your web site.
    The fan purches the tickets from his/her PC. The perches is finished by printing the tickets at the fan’s won printer, and the printout is used as is at the gate!
    Yes, Otot’s Entry Validator directly reads and validates the ticket, and open the turnstile!
    No need to replace the printout with “real” tickets in the stadium ticket booths!

 Note: This part of the system may be done by Otot, or by any local provider the customer wants! 


Part 2 – Access Validators

This is the most important part of the access system.
The Ticket Validator is the “front” of the system: this is what all visitors see-
but more important: this is what they use!

  • The Ticket Validator can work with few or all 4 ticket technologies, including tickets, smart cards, print @ home and M-ticketing.
  • The Entry Validator is the right device for Stadium Access Control System, unlike a standard card reader or barcode scanner, since:
  • The ticket validation must be fast- a quarter of a second. In order to give that response time, it must has all the information in it’s won memory, and not communicate with the main database for each ticket…
  • In case of a problem in the main computer, or fault in the communication- the Validator must keep working. Simple card reader has no memory, and it must communicate all the time with the host computer.
  • Turnstile control: only the Entry Validator, made for this specific task, has all the elements to control the turnstile, collect feedback from it, etc.
  • Display: The Validators has clear 2 line text display, which show the status of the card, the reason way it is rejected (such as: “wrong gate”) etc. There are also LED’s lamps and a buzzer… to help the visitors!
  • A Ticket Scanner is just the reading element, while the Validator has all other elements you must have in order to have a working “entry device”.
  • The ticket and cards Validators directly controls the turnstile and also can turn on lamps showing the visitor class: child, adult, etc.
  • This device must be made of metal – not plastic – to stand vandalism.

There are many other features such as: real time Counting, special working modes, self contained communication, field up-date firmware option, and many more- all must be there, to make a working, reliable and fast Stadium Access System.

Part 3 – Access Software

  • The Access Software runs at the Stadium Access Server PC.
  • It controls the Validators, the tickets and cards – under the control of the person whom operate the system.
  • The software has pre design pages for all the it’s tasks.
  • If there are stolen or lost tickets – the software notify the Validators not to accept them.
  • The software gets information from all the Validators, the turnstiles, the used tickets and the VIP and full season fan cards.
  • It also monitors the amount of people in- and much more…
  • The software works by pre set events- no matter when they take place or if any event is delayed
  • The software is very flexible- any change in the events, such as changing gates is easily controlled at real time, in seconds…

There are other modules, such as: people counting application, and turnstile control application. 

סבסבת נמוכה רגל אחת (שער כניסה מסתובב) - כפולה

Part 4 – Turnstiles

OTOT’s Ticket Validator can control any electrically controlled turnstiles.

Whether it is old or new, low or high, 3 or 4 wings… we can use it. In short, there are 3 main types of turnstiles:

  • Low tripod turnstiles: This type has 3 arms, and since it is low, they must be supervised by a gate keeper or a steward, who makes sure no one jump over or go under the arms…
  • 3/4 Turnstiles: A middle high units, from 1 meter to 1.3 meters. They give much better blocking then the tripods, while keep lower profile ten the full height models.
  • Full heights turnstiles they are 230cm high, and there for prevent any attempt to “snaking in”… They looks like “full security”- massive and strong.

Advantages of using access system

Increasing income:

Accumulated experience in the world shows that sites that install automated ticketing systems, increase significantly their profits! Significant reduction in break-ins, will cause grow revenues!

Additional income can come from a reduction in salary’s cost of stewards. Although usher is required for monitoring and supervising but it can monitor number of entrances at the same time. Security check replace usher, and their job will be to make sure that guests not jumping over gates! The system will do all the rest!

New marketing possibilities:

Pre-sale of tickets unions, hotels, and other sites, discount in business and many more options.

Sale of other options:

The smart card can save more credits (beside entrance to the site). Thus, for example, you can sell in advance entrance to the site, watching a show and drinking – all the information is on the card. Readers everywhere will delete only credit specific to that station. Contact us for more information!

Security improvement:

Depending on each site the following issues are important: Improving security, when one knows that only valid ticket comes in to the site. This is due to the use of the machine instead of steward. The machine has no relatives and no friends … On some sites it is important to make sure that the number of arrivals will not exceed the permitted, other sites important to ensure that only subscribers or registered will get in, and so on …

Image improvement:

Using advanced equipment, turnstiles, smart card, and so on transmitting your guests a clear message: “We are a modern, we invest in entry and security methods, we relates seriously to us and our guests”. These issues are important to goodwill, return visits, the recommendations of the visiting friends, or media coverage of the institutions in the region…

Crowd’s flow improvement:

These methods allow you to bring in more audiences, in less time, with no queues, delays, and arguments etc.

Security and Safety:

Controlling the amount of entrance, preventing fake tickets and persons prohibited, all of these have a significant impact of safety in stadium.

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