RFID Wristband


RFID Wristband for Payment

Using RFID wristband for cashless payment proposes can help and improve convenience and efficiency of organizers and guests in festivals, events, hotels, swimming-pools, parties, etc.


The wristband is being charged at the beginning of the event (by cash, credit card or however the organizers decide). After that and all along the event the visitors can use the wristband in order to pay for any kind of service (entrance, food, beverage, etc).  This visitors enjoy a convenient and highly secured solution for payment.

The wristband is made of silicon and are completely sealed from water (possible to use inside water, pools, saunas, water parks, etc).

You can get the wristbands in a variety of colors and shapes.


  • Payment is been done just once (at the beginning) – for complete control
  • Dramatically reduced queuing and transaction times at vendors
  • Cost savings from carriage, security and administration of cash
  • A safer, more convenient way to transact at events
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